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Life Stories

Heirloom Book Design & Storyboards by Bevin Christina Dunn

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Any story, big or small, can be told in your unique heirloom. 
Let Bevin take those boxes of photos & ephemera and create your dream book!

Children's Stories

Kids grow up fast and life is busy.
Stop feeling guilty about the artwork stuffed into drawers, the photos you never organized, and baby books never finished.

Let Bevin organize those boxes into the books you have always wanted. She can take photos of artwork, favorite toys and clothes, scan memorabilia (report cards, sports tickets...) and help choose the images that will best capture your child's spirit.

Love Stories & Anniversaries

Are you are looking for something special to celebrate a parent's wedding anniversary or a grandparent's 50 year love story?   Or, maybe you want the perfect from-the-heart gift for your soulmate.

From scanning saved letters and cards, to photographing a vintage wedding dress, we can design a book that will encompass your family love story to tell for generations.

Memorial Stories

Memorial Books help comfort us with the memories of our cherished friends & family we have lost.

This Friendship page includes a photo of a poem book with inscription given to a friend in 1966. One of the poems is layered at the bottom of the page: "It's an endless dream, This dream of mine. "


Celebrate a life, and tell their story with a custom designed book. Start from the beginning, or tell about an exciting travel journey or special achievement.

Shown above: pages include scanned cherished photos put alongside a child’s artwork mom had saved - printed like it had been drawn into the book.

Special Book - An Adoption Story

A few years ago, Bevin was commissioned to create a bedtime storybook that told the story of a child's adoption from China. This included some custom illustrations.

The parents wanted a keepsake to remember their journey after years of trying to have a family, as well as a story that let their child know how much he was loved and where he came from. 

Family Recipe Book

These are excerpts from a colorful spiral bound family recipe book, which provided a great way to include years of photo from family gatherings, holidays and Sunday dinners.  Tips from grandma were added - a very special part since she passed a few years after the book was made.

Additional Services - Photo Restoration

Time and neglect can be the enemy of precious family photos. Whether the images are prints or digital, Bevin can help adjust color, fix cracks and scratches, lighten dark images, and restore life to your photos!  

Images of Books

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Storyboards are large 2'x3' collage boards for birthdays, life celebrations, and memorial boards.

Real photographic paper printed onto lightweight foam board, they can be displayed on easels or tabletops at events.

Guests love looking at the photos and especially finding themselves in them!

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About Bevin Christina Dunn

Bevin is a portrait photographer and designer in Tucson, Arizona.

The connective tissue of all her work is storytelling. Whether exploring visual relationships in portraiture for clients, or designing heirloom books that tell important stories, she loves to explore human connections.

A lifetime of memories. ... endless stories to tell.

Through June 2020 - enjoy an 8x12 mounted, metallic print with any Life-Story project.

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“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”

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